D ing Junhui has won an award as one of the Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons in the UK, also known as a Big Ben Award.

Run by the British Chinese Youth Federation, the awards’ objectives are:

● To give formal recognition to the Chinese young people who excel in professional endeavours and contribution to the international community;

● Promoting prominent roles played by the aspiring Chinese young people in shaping a better future for international society; and

● To provide an incentive to all the promising Chinese young people who seek further advancement in personal achievement as well as in public services.

Alongside Ladbrokes Mobile Masters champion Ding, the other winners were Harry Potter star Katie Leung, Television presenter and novelist Jiang Feng, London Magic Champion Wang Si, Cambridge PhD Student Dai Qing, Charity Volunteer Siuhung Perry Fung, Water Engineer Hu Ruyi, Artist Jih-Wen Yeh, Fashion Designer Huan Chris Liu, and Olympic Music Composer Liz Chi Yen Liew.

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